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    David Tennant Fans, I know it’s the weekend but…

    …don’t forget about DT in the Anglo Fan Favorites!  We need to keep him in the lead.  Remember what happened last week; we were scrambling at the last minute!  Right now it’s looking like it did last week when we got complacent.  We need to give him a really good lead and keep it.    

    Go vote HERE and pass it on, please!

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    "You see?  He lives in you." - Rafiki

    The quote above was tweeted today by @DisneyPictures along with the image.

    I immediately thought about David Tennant and The Tenth Doctor and got teary-eyed.

    I love you & miss you so much, Ten!  =’(

    I’ll always believe you are safely tucked away inside David Tennant.

    (@DisneyPictures tweet via @jessicadwyer)

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    Heads Up, Girls & Boys!

    Tennant is currently LOSING in the @Anglophenia Anglo Fan Favorites with less than 24 hours left to go!

    Head over there and toss in your vote for the day and reblog, pass it on, tell your friends, neighbors, parents… EVERYONE!  DT FTW!

    Click HERE to cast your vote!

    UPDATE:  DT is currently neck and neck with Firth.  We regained about 20% since I originally posted this.  The poll closes on Thursday at 11 am Easter Time/4 pm GMT.

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    Vote for Doctor Who’s and Fright Night’s David Tennant in Anglophenia’s The Men of 2011: Round 4!

    It’s Week 4 of Anglophenia’s Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament: The Men of 2011!

    This week David Tennant is up against DUN DUN DUN… Colin Firth!


    "Let’s Kill Something!" boys & girls! …And also, go see Fright Night!

    Cast your vote for David HERE and please reblog!

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