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    Fright Night U.S. Release Date Set For December

    Fright Night (2011) starring Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin and David Tennant will be released on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD on December 13th, 2011.

    More information about the included extras can be found HERE via @cinemablend.

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    Fright Night: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    The Fright Night (2011) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was released today (August 29, 2011).  The album includes 20 tracks and is available for sampling and purchase at

    NOTE:  This album does NOT include the track 99 Problems by Hugo off his album Old Tyme Religion

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    Vote for Doctor Who’s and Fright Night’s David Tennant in Anglophenia’s The Men of 2011: Round 4!

    It’s Week 4 of Anglophenia’s Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament: The Men of 2011!

    This week David Tennant is up against DUN DUN DUN… Colin Firth!


    "Let’s Kill Something!" boys & girls! …And also, go see Fright Night!

    Cast your vote for David HERE and please reblog!

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    Fright Night Screening: Round 2.

    Fright Night opens tomorrow, August 19th, 2011, in the U. S. but as I type this people across America are nearing the end of the movie at this very moment due to the 9/9:30pm openings in many theaters across the country.

    I got a bit of a head start on them thanks to a 7:00 pm screening I attended tonight at a rather fancy theater.  I’d never been to a theater with leather seats that reclined and had more than enough space in which to walk in front of people.  Maybe I’ll start going to see stuff there instead but I digress.

    The crowd this time ‘round was comprised of people who REALLY wanted to be there (judging by the freaks and geeks in the crowd) and people who had gotten free tickets.  Clearly this was a far better sampling of folks than last time.

    My old friend the security dude (hah hah!) showed up late (they’d sent him to the wrong theater) and did his speech about ‘turn your stuff off or I’m gonna hunt you down with my night-vision goggles’.  It was at this time that I noticed the Dreamworks rep. (this time a lady) poised in a seat with a pad of paper and pen in hand.  Oddly enough, the seats that had been reserved for the focus group this time ended up empty.  Eek!

    This time the reel was the real one; it included about 8 trailers.  By the time the last one rolled around I was getting kind of fed up with them.  The crowd was reacting really well to the trailers so I knew they were definitely going to be a good crowd.

    Fright Night rolled (finally!) and within the first two minutes people were gasping and laughing.  What I noticed about this crowd was that the laughter was coming at unexpected times in addition to the obvious jokes/humorous scenes.  This was a jumpy crowd as well letting out lots of “Oh my gosh!”es and “Oh shit!”s during the film.

    To my disappointment, there were no cheers when David Tennant finally showed up but plenty of laughter so it wasn’t all bad.  I was keeping in mind that the Dreamworks rep. was obviously going to be jotting things down so whenever Chris Sarandon showed up I let out a “Woohoo!” and clapped which apparently some people found funny (Huh?) while a few others mumbled something about “…original movie” and “…the original.” so I wasn’t the only one that caught on to that thankfully.

    As the movie progressed, you could just feel how engrossed people were.  The guy sitting next to me kept saying saying “Oh no!” under his breath and the group of six guys in front of me would “Oh, man!” just about every Colin Farrell scene.  The lady on the other side of me kept covering her mouth and cringing in fear during every suspenseful scene.  This theater crowd was awesome!

    Then came the scene when Peter Vincent flings open his jacket and says, “Let’s kill something!” and I blurted out a “Tennant!” so loudly that I think I may have startled quite a few people.  Right after that, I heard someone two rows in front of me say, “Someone knows Tennant!”  That one was for you, Dreamworks lady!

    The film reached the end but not before David Tennant got one last laugh.  As the credits began to roll, to my delighted surprise, the crowd clapped!  This screening was, without a doubt, a very successful one!

    Once the lights came on I was rather disappointed that the Dreamworks rep. was nowhere to be found.  I approached the security dude who said he was also looking for her but that she must have slipped out before the end of the movie.  I didn’t get a chance to provide input this time but it seems she got what she needed and if she took notice of everything the way I did, she walked away with some very positive live audience feedback!

    The end.  =)

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    The Fright Night Reviews Are In!

    Variety (Very Spoilery)

    The Hollywood Reporter (Very Spoilery)

    Roger Ebert (Very Spoilery)

    Orlando Sentinel (Slightly Spoilery)

    Dread Central (Very Spoilery)

    Pittsburgh Film Industry Examiner (Slightly Spoilery)

    Cinemablend (Very Spoilery)

    Fox News (Non-spoilery)

    Film School Rejects (Very Spoilery)

    Pittsburgh Tribune (Non-spoilery)

    New York Daily News (Non-spoilery)

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