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    Fright Night: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    The Fright Night (2011) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was released today (August 29, 2011).  The album includes 20 tracks and is available for sampling and purchase at

    NOTE:  This album does NOT include the track 99 Problems by Hugo off his album Old Tyme Religion

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    Vote for Doctor Who’s and Fright Night’s David Tennant in Anglophenia’s The Men of 2011: Round 4!

    It’s Week 4 of Anglophenia’s Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament: The Men of 2011!

    This week David Tennant is up against DUN DUN DUN… Colin Firth!


    "Let’s Kill Something!" boys & girls! …And also, go see Fright Night!

    Cast your vote for David HERE and please reblog!

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    The Fright Night Reviews Are In!

    Variety (Very Spoilery)

    The Hollywood Reporter (Very Spoilery)

    Roger Ebert (Very Spoilery)

    Orlando Sentinel (Slightly Spoilery)

    Dread Central (Very Spoilery)

    Pittsburgh Film Industry Examiner (Slightly Spoilery)

    Cinemablend (Very Spoilery)

    Fox News (Non-spoilery)

    Film School Rejects (Very Spoilery)

    Pittsburgh Tribune (Non-spoilery)

    New York Daily News (Non-spoilery)

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    Could You Help Me Please?

    Help a geek out!  Click her link!


    It’s the Fright Night Feeding Frenzy. But I swear, this is the last week!

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    Fright Night Feeding Frenzy

    Help the chick out!  Hey, it’s got #DavidTennant in it.  That’s a good enough reason to click, like and reblog, right?


    Please click this link for me to gain points to win a $500 Visa card.  I need the money more than anyone can know.  Thanks.

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