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    UPDATE:  DT is currently neck and neck with Firth.  We regained about 20% since I originally posted this.  The poll closes on Thursday at 11 am Easter Time/4 pm GMT.

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    #DavidTennant is interviewed by @uinterview users about working on #FrightNight.  

    Note:  There is some VERY SPOILERY information provided by David in the interview.

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    The Hair!!


    ‘Preparing to be United’ - ‘United’ DVD Extras - David Tennant

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    "Last but not least is David Tennant in the role of Peter Vincent. This casting was a blessing, given how mishandled Peter’s characterization was, because Tennant’s sheer force of will is the only thing holding this character together until the third act. He does a wonderful Russell Brand impression through most of the movie, except that Tennant brings a level of heart and dormant intelligence that Brand just doesn’t have. Tennant may not always have much to work with, but he’s amazing to watch when the script gives him some breathing room."

    — William Thomas Berk from his long and super spoilery blog post/review of Fright Night on Chud.com.

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    Hee hee hee!  =D


    Two blocks from the theater I saw Fright Night in…

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